Wychavon Polling Stations

Wychavon's official list of polling stations has a faulty map - loads of polling stations around Evehsam, for example, are all showing as Rous Lench Village Hall.

I emailed them to point this out, expecting that it was only like that because nobody had noticed the error. This is the response I got:

Dear Mr Goodge

Thank you, we are aware of this problem but unfortunately it is not a straight forward correction and we may have to remove the maps from our website.

So, I thought I'd grab the data and fix it before they removed it. Here's a corrected map of Wychavon polling stations.

Note that this doesn't include the links to polling station PDFs on the Wychavon site; I'm presuming that these won't go away anyway even if they remove the map. It also doesn't have the polling stations which, for whatever reason, are not on the map at all. I may add those manually at some stage if I can get the data.

Map loading...